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Artisan Academy Workshops

With David Vollbracht, OPA, AIS

A stream winds through a meadow
Mountains jutt up over a meadow filled with trees
A stream winds through a meadow

From Sketch to Studio: Plein Air
May 14 and 15, 2021

Join established artist David Volbracht to sketch and incorporate plein air works beginning with concept and translating to canvas to develop a complete, representational, and impressionistic work of art. David will focus on elements of color, composition, and content in this two-day workshop for intermediate and advanced oil painters.

Artisan Academy Workshops are geared towards helping students advance their abilities in a short period of time. Typically one to three days long, these workshops are best for intermediate and advanced students, unless otherwise listed. Workshops are offered in most mediums taught at Mark Arts and are added on a quarterly basis. If you are a student with a request for a workshop or an artists looking to pass on your unique techniques, please contact the Education Department about planning a workshop.