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All Experience Level Kids’ Day Out Workshops

We can help you out when school isn’t in.              

Kids Day Out Workshops are for ages 6-11 and cost $30.  All workshops include supplies, a snack, and each student will leave with an original art piece. Advance registration is required. 



Ages 9 – 11 | August 13| 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Instructor: Elizabeth Yeremin 

$30 – A mosaic is a picture or pattern made with small pieces of ceramic tile. The Romans and other ancient people made elaborate mosaics as countertops, walls or even the whole floor of a room. Mosaics were practical because they were easy to wash and helped to keep the house cool. They were also beautiful. The Romans loved to combine a practical purpose with wonderful art. Students will examine a range of mosaics and then create their own images.

Location: Tables Studio

Side-by-Side Workshops| For A Youth Student Plus An Adult


March 28, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. | $50 per pair | Instructor: Kara Smith

Beginner techniques taught in this class include: leveling cake layers, stacking and filling two cake layers, crumb coating and frosting a 2-layer, 6″ round cake. In addition, sugar cookie ears and horn will be provided to adorn your unicorn. Simple piping with a 1M tip will also be taught. All supplies are provided for this class. Each pair will leave with one decorated, 2-layer, 6″ cake. Recipes and a cake box will be provided. You may bring an apron from home. Recommended ages: 6+

Location: Culinary Studio