Enrollment Policies

Class Enrollment

All classes require advance enrollment. Tuition and fees must be paid at the time of enrollment. Youth summer camp enrollment is limited to no more than two consecutive weeks. For questions about enrolling, please call us at 316.634.2787.

Early Enrollment and Discount for Mark Arts Members

Members of Mark Arts will receive priority access to enroll for weekly classes, one week before public enrollment begins. Members of Mark Arts receive a 10% discount on weekly classes.

Drop and Refund Policy

If a student drops a camp, class or workshop seven days or more before it begins, a 10% processing fee will be assessed and a refund issued. If it is less than seven days before the first day of the camp, class or workshop, no refund will be given.


Transfers to another camp, class or workshop are allowed within the first two weeks of classes if space is available and payment of the difference in price is due at the time of transfer. 

Class Cancellation

The first day of each class will be held to determine if there is sufficient enrollment. If a class is canceled because of insufficient enrollment, the impacted students will be contacted to determine if they would prefer a class transfer or refund. If a class is canceled by Mark Arts due to insufficient enrollment, a full refund will be issued. Class transfers because of insufficient enrollment will result in a refund of the difference in price or no extra charge if the price of the new class is greater. Please allow up to two weeks for a refund.

Supplies for Youth Camps and Classes

All supplies are provided for STEAM Camps. Nearly all supplies for weekly children’s classes are provided. If additional supplies are required, it will be noted on the course description page. Where applicable, a supply list will be furnished either on the course description webpage or on the first day of class.

Supplies for Adult Classes

Most adult classes require the individual to provide materials. Where applicable, a supply list will be furnished either on the course description webpage or on the first day of class.

Tuition for ceramics and sculpture students includes a 25-pound bag of clay. Additional bags of clay may be purchased for $21.50 each, which also includes the glazing and firing for this clay. If clay is purchased elsewhere, additional glazing and firing charges will cost $1.00 per pound. New ceramics and sculpture students may purchase a toolkit for $21.50.

Instructor Illness or Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather during the school year, Mark Arts will cancel classes if the USD 259 School District cancels school or afterschool activities. Adult students should expect to hear from their instructor about the cancellation via email or phone and youth student parents should expect to hear from Mark Arts staff via phone. If the class is canceled due to instructor illness or inclement weather, every effort will be made to schedule a makeup session.


If a student does not follow classroom procedures, safety protocols and or is disruptive to their class, appropriate discipline measures will be taken that could include expulsion from the camp, class or workshop with no refund issued.

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