Photography Policy


Works of art owned by or on display at Mark Arts may be protected by copyright not held by Mark Arts. Personal photography is allowed in Mark Arts, but Mark Arts assumes no responsibility for any royalties or fees claimed by the artist or on the artist’s behalf by representatives. Members of the media who want to photograph or videotape Mark Arts exhibitions or events must make prior arrangements with the Executive Director of Mark Arts.

Personal photography is allowed at Mark Arts with the exception of certain exhibitions because of booking contractual arrangements and copyright protections. Galleries where personal photography is not allowed will be marked with signage. Flashes, tripods, and other equipment are prohibited in the galleries without prior approval from Mark Arts.

No photography is permitted without prior written approval.

Commercial photography is not allowed in any area of Mark Arts without pre-approval. Request forms are available at the welcome desk or at Requests must be approved by the Exhibitions Director. A Mark Arts staff member must be present during the photography session. Photography must not disrupt visitors or limit access of doorways, entrances, and exits. No props may be placed within 6 inches of artworks and pedestals. Care must be taken at all times to protect the works of art. If at any time the Mark Arts staff determines a work is in danger, the photographer may be asked to stop the photo session.

Mark Arts creates and disseminates digital images of its study collection for scholars, nonprofit organizations and businesses. Mark Arts may charge a fee to cover the cost of administering these requests. Cost varies according to the scale of publication, size of illustration, and nonprofit or for-profit use. The fees are in general alignment with standard costs for similar services in the museum profession.

Mark Arts makes no representation that it is the owner of copyright on images from the study collection and assumes no responsibility for claims by artists or artist representatives. Mark Arts will not request copyright permission to reproduce the work on behalf of external entities. All copyright clearance, permissions, and possible fees charged for reproduction of the artwork and use of the images are the responsibility of the external entity.

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